My Interest On Computer Technology

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My interest in computer technology began during my junior year of high school in 1982. During study hall, I would go to the computer lab to see what students were doing. I did not enroll in a computer class, but I was fascinated with how computers worked. The computer lab had a Digital Equipment Corporation model PDP-11 computer with several terminals. When one was open, I would often grab the system manuals and experiment with entering commands. Eventually, I taught myself BASIC by watching other students and reading the BASIC programming manual. Several years went by after graduating from high school, and I eventually attended RETS Electronic School to study electronics engineering technology. After graduating from RETS, I worked several jobs as an electronics technician. At one of those jobs, I began repairing the company’s computers and printers. The company had a Novell Netware 2.15 network, and the system administrator began to teach me how to perform basic administration tasks. He later became a Certified Netware Engineer and as a result secured a job making a significant amount more than in his previous position. When he left, I became the system administrator. I began diligently reading the shelf full of manuals on how to install, configure, and administer Netware. After six months as the company’s administrator, I decided to take a CNE boot camp class that covered all of the required material in a compressed timeframe. After completing the class, I took the series
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