My Interest On Medicine And What I Am Today

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My interest in Medicine and what I am today is a product of many sequences in my life mixed up with my nature and inborn personality. Becoming a doctor was not something I thought about since childhood nor I was inspired by someone to choose Medicine as my Profession. Born with the gift of challenge taking nature, it has been easy to initiate anything. Be it chores, sports or quiz competitions, initiating and finishing with excellence has been fun. Academic studies and preparation for quiz competitions have been vital to open doors of this big world called Medicine. I learned to excel in diverse array of subjects through these competitions which further sparked my interest to choose Biology as my major. To know everything about human body started becoming a challenge. More I read about this formidable field, more I was marked by desire to learn further. After deciding to pursue my career in Medicine , the first move was to talk to medical professionals in order to assimilate and discover the actual meaning of becoming a Doctor. This led me to acquire the knowledge about this profession further through study, experience and being taught Learning human body functioning and applying knowledge to save human lives were phenomenal experience. What else one can wish for other than saving lives and bringing smiles back on the faces of countless patients, patients’ families and friends? Working as a team and putting more than best to save each and every life made me realized

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