My Interest On Public Health

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My interest in public health stems from a lifelong connection to and fascination with our healthcare system, even from the time before I could comprehend it. From as far back as I can remember, I have been surrounded by individuals with a passion for the maintenance, education, and defense of health and wellness. My mother was a registered nurse, and elements of her profession, such as a commitment to compassion and unyielding ethical values, became salient characteristics of my upbringing. In addition, I learned of the far-reaching effects of disease long before ever stepping foot in a microbiology lecture hall. Both my uncle and great-uncle contracted malaria while serving in the armed forces—in the Gulf War and the Second World War, respectively. My grandfather from the other side of the family acquired a parasitic infection during the Korean War that has left him permanently immunocompromised. I witnessed them having to fight for their lives on more than one occasion. And I wanted to help. I wanted to help them. I wanted to help my family. And eventually I came to realize that I wanted to help prevent anyone else from ever feeling the way that I had—ignorant and powerless. From thinking back on these childhood experiences, I took away the knowledge that I want to follow a career path based in health disciplines. And from subsequently building my education around its fundamental principles, I have developed a more mature understanding of why I strive to dedicate my
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