My Interest On Social Work

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My interest in social work began with taking a semester off of school during my undergraduate career. I was given the opportunity to live and work in Puerto Rico. This season away from classes allowed me time to contemplate a career and a major that would best fit my interests, values, and skills. I felt that social work was the only major that adequately reflected this. After returning to school to begin my social work classes, my interest in the field began to develop more fully. The following summer I was able to live and work in Costa Rica with Nicaraguan immigrant teenage girls living in extreme poverty. I began to understand how systems and cycles of poverty can affect the individual. I learned that these girls were not only suffering from monetary poverty, but also from poverty of relationships, lack of education, and cycles of abuse. These different types of poverty allowed little opportunity to overcome such circumstances on their own.

I continued to work with Hispanic women in my undergraduate internship. I worked at a local family resource center in Asheville, NC providing direct and indirect social work services to Latino mothers. My interest in working with marginalized peoples increased as I learned about the everyday struggle of the immigrant in the United States. In my first job after graduating, I learned that children of immigrant families have their own set of struggles in growing up cross-culturally. My current employment in working with…
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