My Interest On Social Work

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My interest in Social Work began unknowingly at the age of five. When I was five I took an oath that I would do my best to be honest, helpful, considerate, courageous, respectful, to make the world a better place, and to live by the Girl Scout Law. I was part of Girl Scout Troop 575, for thirteen years. Over the years the values of service, respect, and offering help to those in need have become a part of my identity. When considering my future, I know that I want to pursue a career that incorporates the same values that I have been raised in. As a Freshman in college I set my mind on perusing a career in Criminal Justice, with the mindset that I would bring about justice within the court system. As a Junior I began to set my sights on a…show more content…
I can recall a time when a new child came to our center and I began helping them with their homework. I remember seeing notes from the teacher saying the child fails to turn in their homework almost every week. I was determined that the child’s bad grades were due to laziness and lack of focus. I made sure to help that child with their homework and tried to encourage them to do well in school. I assisted the child in making sure they were organized and ensured that they stayed on task. The child’s grades improved so I assumed that my method was the solution to the child’s problem. Looking back, If I was faced with the same situation again I would question more in-depth what was the difference in the child’s ability to complete their homework while at the center as opposed to at home. I would take in to consideration whether or not the child was provided the essential resources and care they needed to complete their homework at home. I would look deeper into the problem before coming up with a solution. Even though my solution was effective there is also the possibility that there are more underlying problems that could potentially cause more problems in the long-term. When it comes to managing my own problems dealing with self-care and attending to stress, I lean towards an avoidance and problem solving approach. Stress is inevitable and a necessary part of life.
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