My Interest On The Field Of Social Work Field

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My interest in the field of social work field began with personal experiences early in childhood. Not only did I obtain firsthand knowledge about mental health from therapists, but I was also thrust into a helping role as a teenager. When I was a child, my mother received therapy from a social worker and a psychiatrist after my grandparents after she entered a mental hospital following a suicide attempt. Although the social worker referred my mother to a psychiatrist for an official diagnosis of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as well for medication, she provided therapy after my mother began treatment and continued for several years. During my teens, my mother decided that she wanted to discontinue taking her medications, as her antidepressants had many unpleasant side effects. While my grandparents initially disagreed with her decision—they feared that going off medication would lead to withdrawal symptoms of suicidal thoughts and/or physical sickness. As a family of four, we decided as a group and in consultation with doctors that if she was determined to taper off her medications, she would need to spend more time in therapy to ensure monitoring of her symptoms or subsequent behavioral problems. Out of a desire to help my mother strengthen her mental health, I chose to play a helping role in her journey. Prior to her desire to taper off her medications, I stayed at home during her therapy sessions. With the consent of her therapist, I attended a few
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