My Interest Towards Family Medicine

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My interest towards family medicine began during my early childhood years. I grew up in a small and developing city called Salalah, Oman where health care resources were sparse. Back in 1990’s, immigrants from low income and middle class families could not afford health care. My mother, a nurse, and her friend, a primary care physician, were considered the healers of our neighborhood. Families and neighbors, who were sick, wounded, or in need of medical advice, came to them for help. I grew up watching them become the de facto health care resources of our neighborhood. This inspired me to venture into the field of medicine. After moving to New York, I was determined to take advantage of the opportunities I had. While volunteering at a nursing home through church, I met several family physicians and internists. I was impressed by their professionalism while interacting with patients. All patients were treated with the same delicate care, despite their array of debilitated statuses. Poor hygiene did not distract the physician, but rather it urged them to provide medical care to the best of their ability. The patients felt this and their immense gratitude was palpable. I realized how imperative it was for any physician to value their character, attitude, and skill. My experiences inspired me to continue volunteering at nursing homes and church events, where I could give a helping hand to those in need. In turn, I developed a compassionate, comforting, and respectful attitude.
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