My Interest in Studying Entrepreneurship

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The career path I chose to follow was entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is increasing in popularity as many more countries and organizations are trying to get their youth engaged at an early age with entrepreneurship with the express purpose of ensuring that innovation and entrepreneurship will thrive in the future (Mark). I want to become a successful entrepreneur because it has always been a dream of mine to become self-employed. I believe I have the leadership, passion, courage, vision, and persistence to start my own business and be successful. The corporate landscape is ever-changing, presenting new challenges for entrepreneurs (Hanna, 2012). According to Lisa Mitchell, Vice President of advancing innovation for the Ewing Marion…show more content…
there are several methods you have to take care of to protect your salary. You need to start a method of knowing how to pay yourself enough money to meet your basic living concerns. Your concerns may be bill payments, food payments, and or etc. A major concern is living expenses. In order to protect your salary, you need to have a personal balance sheet that puts together all your living expenses and credit cards with long and short term goal balances. Although, you have to make sure your income is enough to pay over your expenses and making sure nothing is being left out. After you make your balance sheet, add all the expenses together so you will know how much money you need to pay yourself. That briefly tells you your basic worth. “For instance, suppose you are making $15 per hour at your current job. At $15 per hour, your annual pay would be $31,200. Your annual pay of $31,200 would then be divided by 12, resulting in a monthly income of $2,600. At the time you are determining your basic worth, the rate of inflation is four percent. Multiply four by four, and the percentage which you will add to your current monthly income is 16 percent. Your basic worth would be $36,192 annually.”("Paying yourself: From," 2011). Some people also take in consideration of giving themselves a raise. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a highly motivated individual. It is important to have
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