My Internship And My Pre Internship Classroom Experience

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During both my internship and my pre-internship classroom experience, I have had students with suspected Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). One was in the process of being diagnosed with Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder, the other was suspected to have partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Though both students were quite different, they did share some commonalities. Both had trouble with following directions and trouble with memory. I also had trouble reaching both in the classroom as they needed more individual instruction than I could give them. There were often times I felt like I was making no difference at all, which was devastating as a teacher. These students though the most challenging have made the most lasting impact…show more content…
They provided her with the most nurturing environment that they could with the help of their friends, but were still left with many questions and gazes of disdain from onlookers unfamiliar with the situation. They learned to pick their battles carefully, and creatively created signals to help Liz communicate her needs. In Liz’s public school career she was given the support of many teachers who had experience working with high needs children, but her learning disabilities accompanied by emotional instability and physical difficulties left them dumbfounded. The alphabet completely eluded her and her memory failed her making almost every area academic area a struggle for her even with a great deal of support. Liz learned to copy what others were doing so that she could blend in as a “normal” child. She would come home with headaches and stomach aches on a regular basis. School was not a happy place for her and the accommodations her teacher made for her, made her the victim of teasing. By the time Liz was in grade 4 she was lagging far behind her peers and would beg her mom not to make her go to school. Eventually her mom agreed and Liz began homeschooling. Jodee, Liz’s mother, worked hard mapping out Liz’s strengths in order to teach her best. She discovered that auditory learning worked best with Liz and she strived to find new methods for teaching Liz literacy skills. Together Liz and her
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