My Internship And The Washington Center Program

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From the beginning of my internship to the end, my plans for the future have become even clearer as I have completed my internship and the program. I came into this internship with a general idea of what I wanted my future to look like, such as getting my masters, joining the military, and working for federal law enforcement. However, now after completing my internship and The Washington Center program I have a better idea of what I want my immediate future to look like after I graduate college. I plan to apply to as numerous agencies as possible in the fall and if I get hired on, I will join the reserves. If I do not get hired, I will join active duty, and as I become more experienced I will continue to apply to agencies until I am able to get a job in a federal agency. I feel more equipped for a job in law enforcement after I have expanded my knowledge and abilities. Throughout my internship, I was able to expand my software knowledge in Excel, Tableau, and Visio. Tableau is a computer software program used to support data and create visualizations based on the data, such as graphs and tables. I used tableau as part of my brief to upper management in order to make the data I was presenting clearer. Another type of visual aid I developed during my internship was the program Visio. I used Visio to create several diagrams to show cost avoidance. Lastly, I was able to update my abilities on Excel, a skill I have obtained for years, but now am able to do more advanced
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