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Agency Paper The agency I am doing my internship at is SEK-CAP CHOICES Head Start here in Pittsburg, Kansas. I am following a family service worker who works with families to reach their individual potential for self-sufficiency. In this paper I will talk about the history, the structure and support, direct services, and cultural awareness of SEK-CAP CHOICES. History In response to the signing of the Economic Opportunity Act in 1962, several organizations were formed in southeast Kansas to answer the call to begin the war on poverty. ABL Inc, was created on March 25, 1966 serving the counties of Allen, Bourbon, and Linn. Then SEK-CAP was incorporated on April 29, 1966 to serve the counties of Cherokee and Crawford. Finally SOCAP was organized to serve the counties of Montgomery and Labette. These three organizations combined forces as the Southeast Kansas Community Action Program. We expanded into Neosho, Wilson, and Woodson counties in 1996 and Chautauqua and Elk in 2001. Today we continue to serve these twelve counties. SEK- CAP’s mission is to “Unite staff, individuals, families, and community partners to provide quality comprehensive services through compassionate, respectful relationships” (Head start 101, 2015). Sargent Shriver is considered to be the Father of Head Start. His wife, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, had a sister with disabilities who made great strides with the assistance of special tutoring. Rosemary, the sister, was the inspiration of the idea that we were

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