My Internship At The United States Probation Office

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On August 25, 2014, I commenced my internship at the United States Probation Office in El Paso, Texas. During my internship, I was exposed to both sides of what a United States Probation Officer does; first I experienced presentence investigation and then supervision. My exposure within the presentence investigation side included my presence during interviews with defendants, District Court hearings, and Magistrate Court hearings. Further, I assisted in the preparation of presentence reports which included the defendant’s identifying data, his/her offense conduct, criminal history, offender characteristics, and the sentencing options. I investigated relevant facts about defendants, assess those facts in light of the purpose of sentencing, applied the appropriate guidelines, statutes, and rules to the available facts. Additionally, I assisted in organizing files by obtaining proper documents officers need to complete their investigations. Moreover, I assisted in identifying all appropriate guidelines as stated in the United States Sentencing Guideline Manual and calculated the defendant’s offense level and criminal history category. Also I completed collateral requests to different districts regarding a defendant’s prior criminal conduct for the purpose of scoring his/her criminal history. By actively conducting investigative work, it allowed me to become familiar with the documents that officers utilized when completing investigations. Such documents include; NCIC,

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