My Internship At Walker Ice And Fitness

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My internship at Walker Ice and Fitness has been wonderful and I have learned a lot while here. The field work evolved and my position grew as I was here longer. When I first started the internship I did not know what was really going on. I went to Sandie (the fitness manager) a lot for the first few weeks of the field work. After that, I became very comfortable and was able to do the majority of my jobs without much assistance. One of the best parts about the fitness facility is how nice everyone is. It is truly a little community from the workers to the instructors to the people exercising. The gym itself is not huge, so the members and workers really work to get to know each other which is great. The atmosphere here has been unbeatable…show more content…
I also was in charge of some of the bulletin board materials and coming up with new designs and topics for them. It has been great to see my work load increase the longer I have been here and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity here. Although this internship was great and I loved the majority of it, there were times where not everything would make sense to me. When those times came Sandie was generally very helpful and able to help me. When she was not around another member of the staff would generally help. There were a few times where there was nobody to ask a question to and I just had to try to figure it out on my own. One of those times happened when I had to use a fat loss monitor at the gym for the partner up challenge. I had never used the one here before and did not know exactly how it worked. I did not realize that I was going to be doing it on my own at the time either so I was not as prepared as I should have been. It took ten minutes to figure out how to work the machine and that one of them was broken. I felt unprofessional and I am sure I looked unprofessional as well. In the end everything turned out well, but at the time it was quite difficult because nobody was around to help and I was stuck trying to figure it out. This is one place better communication from everyone, including me, would have helped this troubling situation resolve easier. The environment at Walker Ice and Fitness was very
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