My Internship In MCB

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I conducted my internship in MCB. The detail of the branch is mentioned below,
 Branch’s Location:
MCB branch (1012)
Pirwadhai Branch Rawalpindi
 The Internship Period:
My internship period during in MCB was 2015.8.04 to 2015.9.16.
 Internship Timing:
The timing of my bank was 9:00a.m to 05:00p.m
 Internship location:
MCB bank (1012) main road Pirwadhai Rawalpindi.

While doing my internship every intern was rotated to every depatment on daily basis and with this rotation our supervisors are changed according to the department. Usually the supervisors are the incharge of relevent department on which the intern deputed.

Mr.Ayub Khan who is branch manager (BM) in MCB, who guided me, related
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The interns work starts from morning 9 am to the evening 5 pm. Every intern should have to work four hours in the morning from 9am to 1 pm. At sharp 1 pm there is lunch time, usually lunch time is of one hour. After doing lunch next working hours are from 2 pm to 5 pm. In addition to this every intern must have to rotate to all departments so that they can get enough knowledge about each and every department in detail. Each intern must stay in one department for at least one week and have to report after each work to the supervisor. When I work in MCB Bank as interns I strictly follow the above mentioned rules.
During my whole internship period I have gained a lot of theoretical as well as practical knowledge regarding banking. I have learnt about the clearing of Cheque, about remittance system, about sorting of credit and debit vouchers in ascending order in accounts department, about ATM cards, about account opening, about foreign transactions and whole loan criteria and also about the deposits. I have gained experience about how to handle the public or
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Receipt challan form from the customer stamped the MCB bank on it.
Next day I record this challan forms on the credit scroll.
I prepared the bank cash payment slip It should be maintained on the Microsoft word excels.
All vouchers recorded like cheques, demand draft, remittances.
Vouchers counting and clearing stamping.

4th week: Dates



29-08-2015 Activities
I dealt with the customers who wanted to withdraw cash by cheque. It was very difficult and sensitive work.
I did work on CBS (call back service) Mr.Majid khan supervised me how to use CBS.
On this day I checked the balances of customer account .Also told customer about transaction history.
Same activity performed.
I entered all data of customer in CBS and checked biodata of customer and gave all details about customers to supervisor.

5th week Dates



05-09-2015 Activities
In this day I did work in credit department .My supervisor
Mr.Ayub gives some lectures about credit, how to deal
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