My Internship Is Through Services Of The Underserved

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My internship is through Services of the Underserved (SUS). I intern at a family shelter located in East New York part of Brooklyn NY. Family Residence provides Resource Center and continuing Education Services. to its clients. Services of the Underserved mission statement, we drive scalable solutions to transform the lives of people with disabilities, people in poverty and people facing homelessness: solutions that contribute to righting societal imbalances. SUS mission is based on the if one of us is better we are all better. They work alongside those who seek their services based on who they are. Their vison is to envision a city where everyone has a roof over their head is healthy, productive and can enjoy the social connections that…show more content…
Additionally, a great many clients came from abusive and domestic violence situations. The shelter is committed to working collaboratively with parents, families, educators, and communities to improve the life of the families living here, family achievement, and ensure that every family has a home to call their own. The management philosophy is that every family directly and indirectly work together to help secure a better life. At Sus they believe circumstances can halt the path of any life and any family. Everyone has the power to overcome obstacle. The young children at Rose are our future so by taking the necessary steps to provide their basics needs. The hopes are that they grow up and take care of the world armed with all the knowledge that was instilled in them as they grew up from these experiences. The director must build relationships with their staff, caretakers and families so that the clients get all the support that is needed whether it be emotional or social. SUS makes sure it’s mission is communicated to others in a few different ways. First, they have a website where any information that’s needed about the services they provide can be found. The website is always updated and it connects to all N.Y.C. and individually around the world. Sus has a step by step guideline to how the
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