My Internship Pursuit Essay

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Initially when I was looking for an internship, my goal was to find one that complemented my double major in criminology & criminal justice and psychology. During my search, I found some reputable organizations, but quickly discovered that they either required an extended training/orientation period or were not compatible with my schedule. Thus in finding the Urban Education Leaders Internship Program (UELIP) of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), which primarily focuses on an interest in education and public policy, I was skeptical that my interest in criminal psychology would be met. However, I quickly learned that this was not the case. Not only did my internship with DCPS indirectly appeal to my major, but it also provided…show more content…
After investigating these cases, I would organize them using an Excel spreadsheet by the type of discrimination to see which types occurred most frequently within the past three school years. Exploring these different cases of discrimination also interconnected with the teachings from my Sociology and African American studies classes, in which both inform the numerous ways in which minorities are discriminated against. Lastly, my internship built on the concepts that I gained from CIVICUS.
In CIVICUS, we learned much about civility and persevering in a multicultural society, both of which I had to incorporate while at DCPS. In the Office of Human Capital, there exists much diversity, which aligns with the clients that DCPS aims to assist. More specifically, within the LMER team, I worked with supervisors who though were coincidently all lawyers, came from different backgrounds and had distinct personalities. Thus I had to figure out how to balance the pluribus with the unum. From BSCV 301, I learned that balancing unum (commonality) and pluribus (diversity) is integral to succeeding in a multicultural environment. In this case, the Office of Human
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