My Internship With Juvenile Probation

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During the last weeks of Winter break the dread of the spring semester starting, I wondered what my internship with Juvenile Probation was going to be like. Now after an entire semester working with the agency, I know that this is what my career is going to be. The one thing that stuck with me is that all of youth that have found themselves into this system, all get what is being said. But not all of know how to apply the knowledge that was given. Which brought me to the conclusion; all of these youth need our help. Even if they do not take what was provided at that moment in time, you must be there for them once they return to accept it. The youth is the driving force of the future, without the next generation nothing can be done to help our civilization last. I am aware that adults currently in probation need help as well, which they all rightfully deserve. But the youth need more attention, because they are still learning how to live, and need help developing as a person. Michael Sturgis is the best supervisor that I could have been placed with in Juvenile Probation. The first day was short, but I was given articles on the history of GPS Monitoring, and an assessment to what I would do with a new youth being placed on probation. After gathering all of the information I could on the youth, the plan to have a psychiatric evaluation, medical history, researching into programs that help youth with mental health problems were found. Mr. Sturgis told me, “Dave, you took the…
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