My Internship With Legacy Global Sports

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Internship My internship with Legacy Global Sports was beneficial and influential in for me. The internship provided me with firsthand experience in my field of study, Sports Marketing. I was able to gain much understanding in many different aspects of the on goings in the business world. I worked on making schedules, reaching out to customers, marketing through social media, and problem solving when things needed to be fixed. Interning with Legacy Global Sports allowed me to experience direct marketing which mostly consisted of calling and emailing potential customers in order to try to sell them on our services and products. Direct marketing really had an impact to me because a person who can pick up a phone and make sales, is worth their weight in gold. Another aspect of my internship that I am happy that I was able to experience was having to deal with problems that our customers or advertisers had. This made me think on my feet and I was able to get experience with the customer service side of the business. During my internship with Legacy Global Sports, I spent a good amount of time going over and dealing with many different aspects of marketing. I went over how to play to our strengths, strengthen our weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and to realize and address current and potential threats. I also enjoyed whenever I had a chance to work with a team or certain department of employees. One thing that I picked up on when working in groups is that

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