My Interpretation Of Diversity

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During the course of volunteering with various service organizations, I have been fortunate to observe diversity illustrated on several occasions. The majority of these service organizations assisted minority families, which afforded me the opportunity to observe and interact with several diverse cultures and try to understand the circumstances that befell them. These observations allowed me to reflect on my interpretation of diversity and thus define it for myself. Diversity for me means more than just the recognition of one’s uniqueness and our recognition of that uniqueness. It means treating everyone with respect and having the patience to understand the differences contained within each individual. These differences may be along racial, ethnic, gender, religious or cultural lines, to name a few, but they are differences nonetheless. In seeking to advance my education, I have chosen schools that have a solid record of diversity, within the student body, instructors, administrators, and employees. I prescribe to the notion that to prepare us for the future it is necessary to expose ourselves to a diverse culture while we are pursuing a collective goal, higher education. In this environment, we can understand each other’s uniqueness and develop a respect for the differences. I anticipate that there are organizations at the…show more content…
Big difference from a parochial school setting centered on Christian education and values, to a school where religion is non-existent, this was a big change for me. Finding a common ground among my fellow students was hard at first, but eventually I was able to win them over largely based on my respect for their diversity. I owe this transition due in part to my community service, which centered on the neighborhoods where my fellow students grew up, thus allowing me to understand their diverse
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