My Interpretation Of The Warrior Psyche

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Christopher Vasquez
ENG 1301.024
My Interpretation of the Warrior Psyche
The author, Sam Keen in his essay; The Rite of War and the Warrior Psyche, argues the view of the warrior psyche, which has forged males to “protect, kill, and even die for others.”(335) every time there is a conflict there is a need to have to the warrior psyche, to combat the conflict. The “warrior psyche” (Keen 335) is the deep internal and external resistance being combated by the human body. When the conflict came from activities such as sports or others ways such as academics, the internal warrior was needed. Also the warrior psyche is not biological but a social condition affected by what the current society needed the warriors to be.
Going through middle school there was not a big competition with grades and sports. However, going into high school, focusing on sports and academics increased significantly. The amount of intensity in sport was astoundingly demanding, but was significantly less compared to the academic side of school. The teachers put extreme emphasis on academics, to the extent of the athletes need at least a B in each class to participate. Sacrifice such as sleep had to be made to accomplish both athletic and academic demands. There had been times where I had only four hours of sleep due to homework and practice. If any of the students failed to meet the requirements, the students were not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities.…
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