My Interview I Have Ever Done My Life

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My face to face interview was by far the best interview I have ever done in my life. Kellie Stallings is such an incredible and genuine person. Through this interview I learned so much about staying true to myself while helping others reach their goal. During this interview I was intrigued the entire time. When she was in high school, she was dead set on being a physical therapist which I found ironic because in high school, I was sure I was going to do the same thing. She volunteered at different facilities and rehab around town and while helping she began to see social workers help patients and she instantly knew she wanted to change lives. She saw how the Social worker helped an amputee farmer. The social worker helped him find resources and ways to still do his job and what he loved. Stallings stated “I loved how the social worker helped him emotionally while he was dealing with something physically”(Stallings) .When she told me that I was truly in shock because I had never thought in that way before. I realized social workers definitely have to deal with every single thing the person goes through. I will have to reach my client mentally and emotionally. The thing she said that affected me the most was “when working in this profession, it is important to have a strong sense of self.”(Stallings) She went on to tell me that in this profession, I have to set boundaries or I will get burnt out. In this field I have to stick to my values and never lose sight of myself or who

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