My Interview On My Experience

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My Ordeal Thump, thump. I could vividly hear my heart pound through my chest every time the thought entered my mind. My interview for Sole Hope’s vice president would take place during lunch. Evidently, I prepared and thoroughly developed possible responses to questions that might occur during my consultation. However, the other applicants intimidated me and I feared my rudimentary personality would not be efficacious in steering me towards my ambition. Throughout the whole school rotation I dreaded and anticipated for the lunch hour. I attempted to focus fully in class; to forget the thought. This only helped me in thinking about it even more and not being able to be attentive in class. Finally, regardless of my hoping, the period came where I would hold my interview. “Do not panic. Calm down. Stop shaking.” I kept telling myself. I had changed my attire into a clean white chiffon blouse, navy sturdy slacks, and some ebony velvet flats. I believed that appearing as a professional individual would increase the likelihood of becoming my desired position. I remained in a desk in Room 180 until it was my time to be consulted. The air conditioned room added to my chills from seeing my opponents. The majority of the other candidates were sophomores while I was still a meager freshman. Adding on to my fear, the applicants had also been close companions with the president, Elise. I could hear the cynical whispers that embodied me. “Why is she here?” said a sophomore student
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