My Interview With A Former Security Officer At The 9 / 11 Memorial

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After my interview with a former security officer at the 9/11 memorial, I learned a whole new perspective of the site. In comparison to what I had observed in my short time there, my informant, Ricky who worked the site for years was able to give me an insight on what I was not able to observe. At first, I was hesitant to bother my friend for an interview since I knew he was busy with his own family or even work. My plan was to interview officers at the memorial while they were on the job during my lunch break. After getting denied by countless officers at the memorial, I gave up and sent Ricky a message on FaceBook, asking if he had time this week for a couple of questions about his time spent working at the memorial. Since I have known him since I was a child along with his brother, without hesitation, he agreed and invited me to watch our favorite show “The Walking Dead” at his house on Sunday. I arrived at his house and I treated his family to dinner as a way of saying thanks for helping me with my assignment. However, during my interview, I didn’t feel like it was much of a formal interview, instead, I felt like it was more of a friend to friend conversation about his past experiences at a job. (I was literally laying down on his couch, petting his cat while interviewing him questions off my laptop). Nonetheless, formal or informal interview, the answers that I received from Ricky were exactly what I was looking for, and seems to be a perfect fit for my research. Even

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