My Interview With A Nurse

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Scholarship. During my interview for UMMC I was asked if I had a bachelor’s in nursing to which I replied no. I was hired with the agreement that I would pursue my degree with two years of working. This isn’t the ideal way someone wants to continue his or her education. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth feeling forced to pay for more education when you are already licensed as a registered Nurse. At first you feel as though all of the hard work you put into your ADN program is worth pennies because you don’t have BSN next to your name. But then you realize, nursing is no easy task. It requires all that we have learned in this program; the valued ends, presence, praxis, self-care, leadership, advocacy and now scholarship. Having completed an Associates Degree in the art Nursing I gained the knowledge it would take to be successful and was immersed in the art of nursing moreover how it transcends the pages of our textbooks and reaches out to touch and support patients emotionally and spiritually as well as to be able to utilize myself creatively using the skills I have mastered. Now in the final weeks of my Bachelor’s program the gaps are closing. The Bachelor’s degree I will receive will be in the science of Nursing. It has cultivated my desire to deepen my understanding of nursing as a theory guided practice and encouraged me to use theory in my daily caring as I work toward being an exemplary present patient advocate and leader. This program has made me excited about…
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