My Interview With A Salesperson

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My interview with a salesperson My interview was conducted over the phone with Mr. Jonathan Ménard, a sales project manager for Machinex Industries, located in Plessisville, Québec. Through the interview process, we spoke over the phone once for half an hour and exchanged emails over the course of a few days. He was very kind with his time and diligently answered all the questions I had, sometimes taking a few days to ponder over a question in order to provide me with an insightful answer. To set the context, Machinex is a world leader in the industry of recycling. They focus on the design of profitable and reliable material recycling facilities and produce custom-made sorting and recycling technology for facilities all around the world. Jonathan is one of half a dozen sales project managers for the group. He is mainly in charge of the European market as the company works under a geographic sales structure in order to save on travel expenses and to get to know clients better. Amongst Jonathan’s responsibilities are identifying the client’s needs, or as he says “listening to what the client wants today and figuring out what he will need in two years.” For the latter part, he says he often relies on past experiences. His role in the company is mainly related to the sales function, but he will often work closely with the engineering department to put together the best possible solution. Once the solution is put together, he is in responsible for the presentation (sales pitch)
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