My Interview With My Direct Manager, Dianna Ulrich Hope

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In a global economy, U.S. companies are becoming more diverse, whether through a global customer base, or through acquisition of other companies based outside of the U.S. With these developments the workplace becomes an amalgamation of individuals with different worldviews. These differences are the result of different educational backgrounds, and cultural norms. Though there are sometimes impediments that are created due to a conflict in viewpoints, overwhelmingly the benefits from the variety of perspectives outweighs any of the detriments. This view is not only one held by me personally, but one that most quality managers of successful international companies hold true as well. My interview with my direct manager, Dianna Ulrich-Hope, proved valuable in confirming my notions. As a Director of Pricing at Micro Focus, a global software company, her insights regarding international collaboration amongst professionals helped see how my cultural agility competencies align, and how to leverage them. Interview Q&A MK (Q1) When you think about your career as a manager, certain events or episodes stand out in your mind -things that changed you in some way and have ultimately shaped you as an executive. Please choose three of these experiences that have had a lasting impact on you as a manager or executive in international work. When I meet with you, I will ask you about each of these "key events" in your career: What happened? What did you learn from it (for better or worse)?

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