My Interview With The Hospital

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The hospital sounds like a terrifying place to work in; people, who work in the medical field, undergo handling such a stressful environment. You have people dying or ill, relying on you to help discover the problem. My mother, Leah Onod, is the person who I believe can manage this kind of work; she believes that if you don’t like the job you’re doing then don’t do it. My interview with her gives her personal experience and view on what it’s like to work in the hospital as a technologist; she would love to hand her knowledge to others, who are interested in this stressful but awarding environment. It’s suppose to be fall now, however, as soon as I got out of my car, I felt like my skin color turned five shades darker! It was hard for me to see the beautiful, rebuilt hospital, because of the blazing sun scorching in my eyeballs! When I quickly adjusted, I notice new potted plants outside the entrance way of the hospital--it was gorgeous; the entrance way felt like you’re passing through a greenhouse--plants of different colors, insects, and the smell of sweet, scented flowers attacking your nostrils. As soon as I walked in, I saw a couple of people sitting down, one of them is my step-dad, chatting away to kill time. I recognize the other person: a weak, elderly lady that had worked for my high school for some time. I attempted to give her the gentlest hug ever, since I was afraid to break her fragile bones. A reminder struck me and in no time I quickly let go of her, and…

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