My Interview With The Import And Export Industry

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To move forward in life and to become somebody there are certain steps I must take, and doing understanding yourself interview is part of it. The industry I chose to be an entrepreneur in is in the import and export industry and to be specific I would like to start as an import and export coordinator. Without further delay, my interview was conducted on February 10, 2016, at Second Cup café located at 642 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto ON. I had a nice time interviewing Mr. Richard, a consultant and an entrepreneur in the import and export industry and CEO of TartanFrog Inc. To be sincere, I chose him as my interviewee at first because I had no one else in the field that I could interview, and secondly because of his credentials. He has achieved a lot in his lifetime, he has produced a film, played in a hockey team, worked with different companies mostly to help solve problems, and he 's an inventor, he invented aerosol channel cap. During my interview, I found out several things. Firstly, there is no compulsory certain type of education or training needed to become an entrepreneur in import and export industry rather It takes experience. Before becoming, an entrepreneur the best way is to start by working for someone in that field in order to gain experience and build contacts. listening, communicating, and interpersonal skills are the major skills needed in this field backed up by curiosity. Being in an import and export industry, I will be working with different
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