My Interviews About the Game of Soccer Essay

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I decided to conduct my Field Assignment Interviews at a park near where I live. The park is Pacific Hills Park, the park has many different features, such as a soccer field, jungle gyms and people come and walk their dogs. I decided to ask questions during a few different soccer games over the weekend. The reason I choose the park is because it’s close to my house and there are always soccer games in the park. I don’t know too much about soccer and wanted to get some information about the soccer experience.
Before walking down to the park I made sure I was prepared with my introduction a few questions pertaining to soccer, such as to the referee on why do have they picked this particular park to have soccer games. I also prepared by
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I feel as though I spoke very clearly and communicated a positive energy. The next couple of people I interviewed where parents of the players and one of the players at a later game. When speaking with the parents they thought this was a very interesting assignment and gave me some tips in some other questions I may want to ask as well. They all were kind and wished me luck in the class.
The lesson I learned from the assignment was to make sure to be prepared before going up to someone and start asking them questions. This is true in the business world as well. You have to make sure you are prepared in meetings and conference calls in order to conduct business. If I was to just wing it and walk up to these people without having and introduction they probably would not have giving me the time of day. I have to say that I did have to be patient and listen. I have a tendency to interrupt people before they are done talking, which is not a good or polite thing to do. What I learned from our reading in chapter two this week is that good listeners are liked by others because they satisfy the basic human needs of being heard. The listening factor for this assignment was listening for information in search of facts about the questions that I was presenting to them.
When I was finish I was learned that I wasn’t embarrassed to talk to people that I didn’t know. Going into this assignment I thought I would have anxiety because I
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