My Ir Book Report

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I chose this book for my IR summative because one of my friends had recommended this book to read for my IR. When I first started reading this book, I thought it was really relatable to myself because the character is near my age and faces the same things as me such as drama or more responsibilities. I also thought the book was really funny because there were many jokes inside that were sarcastic. The book had a twist of comedy, mystery, and emotions which strapped me to the book like glue.
The main character, Moses LoBeau is a rising sixth grader who washed ashore in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, eleven years ago during one of the most destructive hurricane in history. She was a very close character to me because she is a straight-A student and is pretty sarcastic. Moses or “Mo” as everyone in Tupelo
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The book also included her very best friend Dale and her enemy for life Anna who calls Moses a throw-away kid with no true place to call home. I liked that the author included a lot of drama between relationships and problems, but still managed to put a mystery of a cranky customer of Mo’s cafe with her family. How Mo protected her best friend Dale when he was being accused of the murder, really allowed to feel the depth of their friendship between them. When I was reading the part of the book when the murderer was found, I was stuck to the book like a magnet and didn’t let go because that part excited me so much. Even in a serious situation, Mo manages to be humorous. For example, “That lunatic mother of yours hit me with a lamp, she nearly killed me,” sputtered Slate and “Too bad you didn’t bleed to death” grinned Mo. Another scene where I thought the main character Mo was funny was when Dale’s drunk dad told Mo, “You got too much mouth. No wonder your mother threw you away,” and Mo replied with “Maybe she did throw me away and maybe she didn’t, but if she did, she only did it once. You throw away your people away
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