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McCauley ENG – 102 8 April 2014 5-1-5-0 Somebody Call the Popo Katie, a freshman at East Carolina has a boyfriend, Jason who is a junior at East Carolina takes every chance he gets to call her names and degrade her. One Saturday afternoon I went over to Katie’s house to find her with her eyebrow slashed and bleeding, black eye, as well as bruises all over her. I stated “What happened to you? Are you okay? I am taking you to the hospital!” She had said that Jason had done this to her and not to tell anyone. I did as she told me to do and the situation only got worse. As I noticed the violence progressing I told authorities; I needed to help my best friend. Domestic violence is emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a…show more content…
When police are notified of what is going on it is often too late. From being told how and what to do something can make people have psychiatric problems. Having mental problems is the cause of PTSD in domestic violence is from the abuser making the victim think that, that is the only way they should be treated and when they get out of it flash backs occur. The PTSD can come from being hit or yelled at all the time. Not only in the victim but the witness can develop psychiatric problems. When the child is a witness of the beatings going on it can make them skittish or often violent. Children who grow up in violent homes have much higher risks of becoming drug or alcohol abusers or even being involved in abusive relationships, as an abuser or a victim. Children do not have to be abused themselves in order to be impacted by violence in the home. When the child is at school they may seem to be depressed or have anxiety issues. The child can end up being so depressed on what has occurred in his or her life and think that suicide is the only way out of what they are feeling. When the male is the abuser in the relationship can kill his partner because she ended up pregnant and he does not want the baby and he thinks that is the only way for her to not have it. The abuser will kill the victim for anything that they do not

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