My Iterview to My Mother

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My mother’s name is Joanne Chrisinger and she is currently sixty years old. She was born to a family of four on April 25, 1953. My mom grew up in an Italian family because both of my grandparents lived in Italy before they decided to move to America and start a family. Joanne has two older sisters, and one younger sister, which made her the third born of the family. My mom grew up in a middle class family just as my father did and she spent most of her childhood in the Washington D.C. area. Although my mom decided not to go to college, she has worked her whole life, and she has a high school diploma. I feel that she chose not to get a college degree because she worked on Capitol Hill after high school and was ready to settle down and start a family. My mom currently works as a receptionist at a law officer in Fairfax City. She also is a homemaker and a great cook. I decided to open up the interview by asking my mother how her sisters impacted her life because she is very close to them still. She responded with ease by saying how simple and fun life was growing up in the 1950’s. Having two older sisters and one younger sister was important to her because she enjoyed sharing everything such as a bedroom, toys, clothes, and experiences. Her father was an Italian…

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