My Job As A Graduate Assistant

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Since moving to Cincinnati, my job as a graduate assistant has exposed me to many things about this city that never crossed my mind prior to living here. My work has made the transition easier in many regards, and I feel a connection to this city now that makes me more excited for my future career in social work. One agency that we work closely with is UpSpring (, which primarily serves the educational needs of children experiencing homelessness in several different manners. Before working with this organization, the topic of homeless children was relatively foreign to me, and I was quite surprised to learn that the average person experiencing homelessness in the United States is 9-years old (UpSpring, 2015). Like many…show more content…
The second article that addresses children experiencing homelessness focuses more directly on school outcomes. Canfield et al. (2016) found that transience exacerbates school absences, which negatively impacts many other academic outcomes. These students are nine times more likely to be truant, which can place their parents at a risk for legal action, and only 25% of this population graduate from high school (Canfield et al., 2016). Negative outcomes are likely impacted by unplanned mobility between schools, as families experiencing homelessness sometimes move between residences quickly and without much warning. Academic achievement suffers within this population, as studies have shown these students to behind their housed peers particularly in reading, spelling, and math (Canfield et al., 2016).
Both studies have found little consistency in the literature pertaining to homeless children. Though most agree that homelessness is related to poor outcomes, it is difficult to discern from the research whether homelessness has a bigger effect than chronic poverty on school achievement and attendance (Buckner, 2008; Canfield et al., 2016). This could be because of similarities in living conditions, stress, and experiences, but researchers agree that there needs to be some degree of intervention to mitigate these outcomes (Buckner, 2008; Canfield et al., 2016). The McKinney-Vento Act (MVA) seeks to level the playing field between
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