My Job As A Hostess

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My roommate always complained about her summer job as a hostess, she would say how she couldn’t believe how many hours she worked for so little pay and that she couldn’t wait to graduate and go into a job she actually liked and make a decent salary. Goals like hers are what push people to go to college, but just because you have the desire doesn’t mean you have the drive. By the time midterm grades came out, she wasn’t going to class and had dropped one of her classes. Then the first week of November she withdrew from the university and left. People ask me if I was surprised when it happened and I say yes but in actuality, I actually wasn’t surprised. She wasn’t ready for college, she thought it was like high school; if she woke up that morning and didn’t want to go to class she just wouldn’t go and send an email that sounded strangely like a note from mom excusing her because she overslept. Some people aren’t ready to leave home yet, and that’s okay, but some people aren’t willing to work for what they want, and that’s not okay. College isn’t for everyone, whether it’s too far from home or the student doesn’t have the drive to go to class and complete their degree. Students believe that college is a necessity since that’s all that parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and even strangers have told them for years. Students feel obligated to go and then if they drop out or don’t complete their degree they feel ashamed and embarrassed because of the expectations of their
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