My Job As A Wellness Educator

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I have always been interested in health, wellness, physical activity and healthy behaviors. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to teach or do something in the health-related field. I have always played sports and been active my entire life. I am driven to eat well (although not perfect), stay healthy and stay in shape. This belief and practice was instilled early in my life by my parents. Recently, I have been more drawn to actively become more proficient in the nutrition-specific content (thus enrolling in this program) and it is my hope to share this information with as many of my students as possible. I am passionate about what I do and spend countless hours planning, preparing and finding new ways to connect with my students. I lead by example and help teach them to take a personal look at themselves and their own habits, and help them to find ways to improve (even the smallest bit) so that they can continue to be well in the future. My job as a wellness educator is to provide my students with the most current and up to date information in the health and nutrition field. This includes incorporating current research, trends, concerns, and issues within the food environment and nutrition field. My role is to provide this information in a comprehensive framework so that students not only understand why good nutrition is important, but to provide them with the tools and resources to make change. It is my hope that the students at NHS will be motivated to make

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