My Job As An Office Assistant

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Introduction The Competing Values Framework consists of four action imperatives: Collaborate, Control, Compete and Create. The Competing Values Competency Questionnaire contains 100 questions, divided into 20 competencies falling under five main competencies within the four action imperatives (Quinn et al., 2011). The following competencies will pertain to my job as an Office Assistant working for the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency and my experiences as a student at National University. As an Office Assistant, my primary function is to register applicants who applied for the Medi-Cal program under the Affordable Care Act by utilizing the process known as application registration. In addition, I am responsible for training employees in the application registration process and I am also an active member of the House Committee where we plan various events. Strengths My top action imperative is Control. I received a mean score of 5 on Organizing Information Flows. I am proficient in the organization of information flows since that is one of my responsibilities in my job as an Office Assistant. The supervisors in my workplace rely on me to create or update Excel spreadsheets that are more efficient and organized than the original spreadsheet. I also scored a 5 on Encouraging and Enabling Compliance. As an Office Assistant, I am also responsible for training employees and supervisors on the application registration process. I am always trying to find ways

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