My Job At The American Automobile Association Essay

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Warm Sun or a Pleasant Chat
Ahren Olson Have you ever found yourself wondering “what would it be like to work there?” Being employed since I was fourteen, at three different companies, I have acquired a lot of skills and experience. I was employed at my first job, the Community Design Center (CDC), for four years. I was a member in the garden corps, and moved up to a position in the conservation corps team. If you had a job at the CDC some tasks would include tending to organic gardens, parks, and nature sanctuaries. My next job was at Super America (SA) as a customer service representative. Over the three years that I was employed there I was promoted to a food representative, and then a shift lead. While working at SA one will find themselves: facing shelves, stocking shelves, helping customers, and cleaning and maintaining appliances. My current job is at the American Automobile Association (AAA); I started out as a license clerk and was promoted to my current position as a license specialist. At AAA you could expect assisting customers with drivers license renewals, vehicle title transfers, and Department of Natural Resource transactions (DNR). The CDC, SA, and AAA some people will say they are good jobs to be at, especially at a young age, but being an employee at the CDC has been the most rewarding and pleasurable job. First, we will look into the requirements of these jobs. When applying at the CDC, SA, and AAA you need some basic skills to be offered a position.…

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