My Job At The City Of Irvine Right After College

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The views "between following one 's needs and surrendering one 's self " can clash under particular conditions such as the environment and yet experienced in various manners. I first started working for the City of Irvine right after I graduated College 2014. Having the opportunity to work for a city such as Irvine right after college, I felt so honored and over joyed. Excited to have a job, working for a beautiful city and enjoying every second of every day and the new challenges and experiences. This employment opportunity allowed me to be paid above the minimum wage, though I was not interested in the pay. It also allowed me to make a difference in the people around the community, which to me, is a value to me. I need to have value within my career choice in addition to and being able to enjoy my daily tasks. I took this job for the reasons of being qualified for the position available, and the possibility where this opportunity can lead.. Overtime, I began to feel overworked and under paid. This included 10-hour days for 5 days a week, including the weekend shifts and was expected to perform tasks that were not included in our job description. Duties such as janitorial, while those performing these services actually received more pay, and yet, they do not have the additional responsibilities to enforce policy. The other payment issue that arose was not being allocated the correct hourly rate for over a year of employment. These items soon became issues that left me
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