My Job At The Club

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Rained Out I’ve settled into my job at the club pretty quickly. The manager and I have decided that I will wear a bikini top with either pants or skirts while I work. We talked about having me work topless, but since the front door opens and people outside could see me, we ruled against it. At this point, I have been here several weeks. I have become friends with most of the girls, but especially with Angel. I also get along well with Rochelle, Candy, and Sky. Not their real names, of course. There is a group of other dancers that seem to hang out together and keep to themselves. They say hi to me when they walk in, but that’s about the extent of our relationships. It can get a little “bitchy” in here with the majority of employees being women. I tend to be viewed as a neutral party since I’m not a direct threat to the other dancers. Inside the club, the competition tends to be a little fierce, and sometimes it’s so catty I’m happy I sit on the outside. On this particular Tuesday, I get to work a couple minutes early. I look at the schedule and see that Angel, Sky, Roxy, Misty, and Sabrina are scheduled to work the afternoon shift, which starts at 4:00. I page back to the dressing room to find out which dancers have arrived. Angel answers the call and tells me that so far only her and Sky are back there. I’m supposed to know which dancers are working in case customers call and ask. I’ve even had a guy leave before because the girl he wanted to see wasn’t working.

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