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Life doesn’t offer you four to six weeks of paid training before you start to really live. When it’s your turn, it’s time to perform. There are no training rooms, no simulations, and definitely no role-playing. Learning in real life is about on-the-job training. Human beings are DESIGNED to learn from experiences. In a job setting, you observe what you’re taught by the veterans and then mimic them so you can get the same successful result. If you’re still sending your customer service representatives through a typical four-to-six week training course in order to get them “up to speed” with how business is done, consider restructuring how your new employee trainings take place. Overcoming the Fear of New One of the most frustrating experiences as a new employee is starting a new job. Most of us leave a job for a better opportunity. But no matter what our level of expertise, when we start a new job we all get thrown back into the beginner level at the new organization. We all have to cope with new systems, new workflows, and new people to work with. For an experienced veteran it can be a maddening experience to leave a job where one is operating at a master level and become an apprentice again in a new location. Years ago I suffered through this when I left a system administrator engineer position to join a newly organized startup in my industry. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. At my previous job I was at the top of my industry. I trained the top-tier agents,

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