My Journal on the Book, The Maze Runner by James Dashner Essay

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Journal 1 The first chapter of “The Maze Runner” really gets me excited for the rest of the book. I enjoy how it leaves the reader plenty of room to wonder what will happen later in the book. It has an interesting vocabulary that includes some of the slang words that the people of the glade made up. It seems that the plot of the book will quicken very quickly as already there is a lot of foreshadowing hinting toward some unknown beast and a giant maze. I predict that Thomas’s arrival will trigger some sort of issue that he will have to resolve. Just the first chapter has gotten me very excited for the rest of the book.

Journal 2 It seems like I was right about the plot thickening quickly. Already Thomas has made an enemy, a boy
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Although this leaves Thomas feeling oddly exhilarated, while he's lying in his sleeping bag in a meadow near the gardens, he returns to feeling sad and curious. Thomas tells Chuck that he wants to become one of the Runners, even though he still doesn't really know what they do. Chuck just laughs and says whatever because being a runner is one of the hardest jobs in the glade.
Journal 4
The Tour starts at the Box, which is closed. Alby explains that they get a new kid once a month and supplies are delivered once a week. Other than that, they don't know anything about where the Box goes or how it operates. Once, they tried to send a boy back in it, but the Box wouldn't move until he got out. Next he explains that the Glade is divided into four sections: Gardens, Blood House, Homestead, and Deadheads. Thomas will spend the next two weeks training for a different job until they find the one he fits best. Throughout the Tour, Thomas is annoyed by his inability to ask questions, and he wonders why the people who cleared his memory only removed certain memories. Why can he remember what the animals were called, but not where that memory comes from? When they reach the South Door, Alby tells Thomas that he's been there for two years, and although many boys have died trying, no one has been able to solve the Maze. The walls move at night so it's nearly impossible to map, and more importantly, no one is ever allowed outside the walls except the Runners. For some
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