My Journey As A Writer Essay

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I have come a long way as a writer. I did not grow up learning English. Which left me not knowing how to properly write even a single sentence. I knew nothing about proper sentence structure nor what word to use. Over the years I have tried my best to practice and learn the different rules in writing. This portfolio serves as the evidence of my journey as a writer. This portfolio includes tools that I have acquired all throughout the course which I will be using all throughout my writing career. Each of the materials in this folder show how I broke the chains of unhappiness in writing, and feel the freedom to write what I believe in. Throughout my journey I had made numerous mistakes. I took these mistakes and learned from them. Development in writing reflects a continuous process where I will make numerous mistakes and learn from them to better myself as a writer. The role of writing exercise we did during the first day reminds me of the sole purpose of writing. Through writing, I am able to voice my opinion about different subjects. Writing allows writers to make something intangible to something tangible. My feelings are intangible, but when I write it down on a paper, it becomes something I can physically touch. Before, I would write just because my teachers told me to. It became a chore rather than an enjoyment. This material is important to me as a writer because I needed to be reminded of the purpose of writing at all times. I learned from this mistake and now
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