My Journey In The Odyssey In The Odyssey

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In The Odyssey by Homer, an epic poem from Ancient Greece, parallels can be drawn from Odysseus’s adventure and my life. Odysseus and I have goals that we strive to reach, furthermore, we will not stop until we accomplish them. On our journeys to reach these goals we have temptations and obstacles put before us that we must overcome to attain our dreams. Luckily, we have mentors and help from divine intervention to guide us on the right path to grasp these ambitions. Odysseus’s goal is to ‘see my native land again’ (Homer 142) and be reunited with his family. One of my main goals in life is to attend college at Penn State University. Our goals may be different but one can draw multiple parallels in our journeys. I have abounding obstacles in my way on the boulevard to my main goal. One of these hindrances is high school. High school is proving to be the learning ground for life. It is always providing challenges that I must overcome to reach my ambitions. One current challenge is my senior English class. I have a feeling that it is going to take a great deal more effort than what I have ever had to put into any academic study. I know that I will do all that I can to conquer this burden. If I work vigorously while staying focused, I should be able to surmount the work I have to complete. I will have to use my intelligence and cunningness to pass this class. High school draws many parallels with Odysseus’s adventure due to the fact they both have a multitude of obstacles
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