My Journey Of Anji Play Is Quite An Eye Opener

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My Journey to Anji Play is quite an eye opener. I am specifically amazed by the educator Chen Xueqing’s courage of taking initiative in designing the true play. I was completely touched by her passion on pursuing the principles of education and engaging the most fundamental and core values of education. I would like to say that the educator Chen Xueqin is a pioneer in the early childhood education field and is my personal hero. Anji play is a brilliant workshop that every educator should attend. This workshop encompasses so much of what I could try to develop in relation to education and young children. Anji Play brings me the intention to change the old education systems which imprison the children in advance in academic learning and let the children follow the arrangements to adults’ learning. The most important thing that I have learned in Anji Play workshop is to encourage children the risky play. I used to set many limits for children outside because I am concern too much about children’s safety. Through Anji workshop, I have truly understood the value of the risky play at outdoor. I have learned that risky play is not only good for children’s health but also stimulates creativity, social skills and resilience. This spaces offer children an opportunity to learn about risk and their own limits. Just like the playground in Anji, natural elements such as trees and plants changes in height, can be considered to implement in the playgrounds of USA school, and having freedom

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