My Journey Of Clinical Medicine

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As I walked onto the medical floor in a white coat, I experienced a flood of emotions and suddenly found myself travelling very quickly down memory straits. The joy of providing care to patients and families always hung on and the desire to practice medicine was never lost. Having invested time and effort getting to know myself better, I have come to a place where I am more certain than I have ever been of my deepest inner conviction of giving to the human course, the sustenance of life.
I took an unusual journey out of clinical medicine to seek a more rounded life experience, like Marco Polo I had no GPS or inkling where my journey would take me. My eight-year journey of discovery outside the confines of clinical medicine took me across three continents and afforded me invaluable experiences. Some of these experiences involved wearing many hats and leading individuals from multiple professional backgrounds to deliver remarkable results. These experiences have armed me with a repertoire of managerial skills and made me a more rounded physician, better able to view healthcare and its most pressing issues from larger lenses.
Deciding to retrace my steps back caused a great deal of anxiety, given the time I had been away from practice, I knew regaining my past competencies would be challenging. I found inspiration looking back at innate challenges I had surmounted in medical school, business school and in my work life. I mapped out a personalized re-entry curriculum and

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