My Journey Through English 111

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My Journey Through English 111 English 111 has made a positive impact on me as a student. I have learned a lot in English considering the short amount of time I have spent in the class. English has always been one of my strong points, but I have always looked to find ways to improve my English skills. During the class I learned several new techniques and skills to improve myself as a student. I am glad I had a smart professor to help guide me along the way. Attendance is an area I did well on in this class. I showed up on time and for the most part I was prepared for class. A couple of areas I think I could have done better on was class participation and procrastinating on my work. In class I think it would have helped me if I had been more involved and asked the professor more questions. Procrastination was probably my biggest weakness. I would wait till the last minute to write a paper and get a decent grade on it, but not an A like I would have liked. I know that if I had wrote my papers ahead of time and had more time to plan them out I would have gotten better grades on my papers. In my next English class I will continue to have good attendance and be prepared for class. What I plan on changing in my next class is my extreme amount procrastination. I plan on getting all of my work done well before the time it is due. If I can continue my good attendance and stop procrastinating, I will put myself in a good position to be successful and make an A in my next English
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