My Journey Through My Life

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My journey in faith, the influences that have formed and informed my own life, especially my spiritual life, can be identified by a number of personal experiences. Throughout my faith journey, past experiences, current events, and specific individuals have all impacted my thinking. In the late 80’s I stayed in an all male residence {Field Hall} located on the Memorial University campus, a division of Queen’s College Anglican church. The academic aspect of university was a fraction of the complete university experience. Being an accepted and recognized member in our athletic residence was critical. Approximately 120+ people became your friends and part of your family. The majority of the students were white Anglo-Saxons from rural Newfoundland. We thought we were responsible young adults, on our own for the first time, making decisions and living out our future dreams. Mixed in amongst this lifestyle were senior students in there 3rd, 4th, or final year of study as well to help guide us along the way. We were raised to follow traditional cultural beliefs and values and not to interfere with what was happening in our neighbor’s houses. Reflecting on the many positive experiences that I had during my 5 years at Field Hall, there is one ethical issue that has caused me to reflect on my need for acceptance verses the need for me to speak up against injustice. Societal values and believes often change over time. For example slavery, segregation and the involuntary incarceration

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