My Journey Through Writer’S Composition Has Been A Rocky

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My journey through Writer’s Composition has been a rocky rollercoaster with ups and downs, but from these experiences I have grown as a writer overall. The essays I have written for this course demonstrate that I have developed critical thinking and have shown minor improvements in my communication skills. They also demonstrate that though I have made some progress in personal responsibility and general writing skills, I still have work to do. From Writer’s Composition Two, I have developed an understanding of persuasive writing, and I now am able to pick a topic or a claim and argue it in classic argument writing. In the beginning of the WRC 1023 course I had major struggles and challenges, such as communication skills and my formatting.…show more content…
5). Not citing correctly causes a major issue in the grading process and in this specific event, my paper was submitted with incorrect citation format and not citing correctly can greatly hinder the grading process. In the course, along with facing communication issues I also faced personal responsibility problems. I failed to proofread a lot in my essays or I forget to go back and fix errors that were pointed out in my previous rough drafts. For example, in my last essay “Solutions to Solve the Refugee Crisis” in which I wrote about the international migration of Middle Eastern war refugees. As I continued to go on in my second paragraph I wrote “more than 1 million displaced people from war-torn Syria…” (2017c, p. 3). The problem with this sentence is that I was told in a previous draft to write out one million instead of using the number, but lack of personal responsibility on my part lead to that mistake still being in my final draft which lead to points being taken off. That sentence exhibits an extreme lack of personal reasonability or care that I did not want to give off to the reader or professor. Next with that same final draft I had another flaw in my body paragraph. With the sentence “Islamic extremists managed to put on facades as refugees and have managed to slip into Europe” (2017d, p. 3), my use of the word ‘managed’ was very repetitive and gave a

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