My Journey Towards Studying Microbial Infections

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Statement of Purpose
Over the past sixteen years, my insatiable thirst for delving deep into Microbiology coupled with my profound aptitude for research has inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. My journey towards this aim began with the incident when I was ten and my brother, seven, and he had chicken pox. I had to stay away from him during the quarantine period and the curiosity led to a mini research project, which fuelled my interest in studying microbial infections. Since then this circuitous ride has taken me to different schools and countries in search of opportunities to enhance and focus my pursuit for research in microbes. I intend to become a proficient microbiologist who understands the basic and intricate details of the subject, applies it in our daily lives and research for a better sustainable future.
Researchers over the past few decades have made it evident that microbial communities affect all species. I got an opportunity to broaden my horizon on this subject during my undergraduate studies at Calcutta University which covered three years of extensive material in Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry. I was intrigued with those interdisciplinary subjects which required a cogent and rational understanding. However, Microbiology fascinated me the most. I believe it to be a sub-discipline that explores the presence of a parallel world of organisms that has co-evolved with an excellent mechanism of survival. They affect our health, development, and the environment we live

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