My Journey With Illness

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“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” was said by Lillian Smith. In my life this translates to my journey with illness. When the journey began, I was 12 and diagnosed with uveitis, which is inflammation in the eye. The journey from then until now is comparable to wandering in a forest. The forest starts off dark with little-disjointed spots of light. I did not know I was going into the forest then, I only knew something was happening and it was supposed to stop if I did all the eye drops. It did not happen that way, instead, I walked into the forest that would change me and help me discover myself. The time it started was similar to being pushed into the forest with another diagnosis of glaucoma and the beginning of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. I was pushed into the forest and looked for all of the speckles of light. It was like grasping at something that I could not quite understand. I just knew they would take me somewhere. They were appealing with shifts in the light as breezes came through, and I followed them and their magnetism. I now know the specks of light were the pieces of who I am with the illnesses, as well as beyond them. As time moved forward, the lights changed. Sometimes there were more of them, or I was not paying attention to them. I thought I was stuck in a dark forest and the lights meant nothing, they were the fact that I could and still can see. I thought all I would ever be was a sick and that was all I was capable of. A diagnosis was the definition of who I was and I thought until I went into remission, if I ever go into remission, I could not do anything but that. I stayed in that mindset for about a year, until I moved on from middle school to high school. More lights began appearing and I grasped onto them slowly, but I was reaching for them and finding who I was. I found people that helped me discover what I could do with my illnesses or that they existed but, I could be more than that. Around my sophomore year I started feeling a little worse which pushed me back into the forest, a little bit, but it also enabled me to find out more about who I truly am. The lights seemed to be more abundant and they
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